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Dinmore Avenue is a busy suburban street with a primary school, health centre and various shops. The speed limit is 20mph. Existing asphalt speed humps have failed and no longer influence driver behaviour. Dinmore Avenue needs to be resurfaced and requires significant traffic calming measures in order to reduce speeding and protect pedestrians. Objectives: 1. Encourage drivers to obey the 20mph speed limit by installing effective traffic calming measures. 2. Install traffic calming products which can be easily relocated, allowing road resurfacing and other maintenance. 3. Avoid disruption by installing traffic calming products which do not require that the road be closed. 4. Install surface-mounted traffic calming products which are low maintenance, impact resistant, and require no excavation.

Services supplied

1. Install surface-mounted one-piece rubber speed cushions three abreast at regular intervals along Dinmore Avenue.

2. Manufactured from recycled rubber, our speed cushions incorporate a unique underside profile that moulds itself to the road surface without the need for excavation.

3. Installation of each cushion can be completed in less than 30 minutes and requires only one lane to be closed at any one time, allowing traffic to continue flowing.

4. As our speed cushions are fixed directly to the road surface, they can be removed and relocated if required.


1. The scheme was completed on time and within budget.

2. Residents report that more vehicles are respecting the 20mph speed limit.

3. Pupils and residents report feeling safer and more confident crossing Dinmore Avenue.


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