Option 2: Procuring your own framework agreement

By working together we are able to develop ‘self-help’ to a level that has never been achieved before for Local Highway
Authorities. LCRIG members have a unique opportunity to play a significant role by extending the principles of the Project Amber Framework by using the suite of documents to run their own procurements. As the contract documents are freely available from Blackpool Council and wider procurement support available you will find this option is simple and cost effective to pursue.

As new SMEs are emerging all the time with new innovative treatments, subsequent frameworks will be able to engage new suppliers ensuring we collectively create a dynamic market that is able to exploit the latest innovations providing you ensure your framework is accessible by LCRIG members. The simple steps to follow are identified below;


Engage with LCRIG to understand the aims of the framework.


Consider the benefits of extending the principles of the Project Amber Framework and the need to access suppliers by running your own procurement.


Obtain the full suite of contract documents from the LCRIG and obtain procurement support as necessary.


Modify the evaluation questions in both the Selection Questionnaire and the Invitation to Tender to precisely reflect your needs, polices etc.


Engage the market through the LCRIG newsletter and other media to increase awareness of the opportunity and issue OJEU Notice.


Run the two stage procurement process and appoint those organisations who will add value to your local economy.

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